Our mission

To assist people through their material lives giving hope and guidance

Healing is at the forefront of our ambitions. To continue to understand the work that spirit wishes us to commit to and carry out. To assist people through their material lives giving hope and guidance to who ever needs it. We will be non denominational in every aspect of our beliefs. The aim is to be a beacon in the west country for spirit. Our continued aim is to provide the very best mediums that can be provided from where ever they may reside and give back to spirit what it has given to me. A fantastic future amongst like minded people, who wish to move forward with their lives in this spiritual way.

We work in the love of spirit in white light provided by the source of all that is natural.


We support Nancealverne School, providers of specialist education for young people aged from 2 to 19 years

Please join us for a coffee morning. They are fun and open up to let you see what we do - far beyond the realms of what people think we do!

Visiting mediums

A very well loved and versed medium. We are blessed with his presence here in cornwall.

A gifted trance medium who has worked hard to enhance her gift. Her demonstrations are not to be missed.

From Penzance - originally from Elgin Scotland.

A very funny medium who also works as a postman.

a lovely funny medium who makes an evening rush by with good contacts and precise mediumship.

About dennis

Running Newquay Spirit at the end of the Lane and working as a Medium and Healer is very rewarding.

I was a really ordinary person with no special gifts, and had to work hard for the ability to be a medium and healer, but everyone can learn to do it. I love my life now as a healer and medium, and of course running and owning Newquay Spirit at the end of the Lane. One of my dreams is to see all the centres of Cornwall unite into a band of like minded people all working for the love of spirit.

Dennis Colley

Our history


Between 1841 and 1984 the building had a very varied history and at various times was used as a domestic dwelling, a builder's store and offices, and as a place of worship for Jehovaha's Witnesses.


Permission was granted for use as a Church. Mrs Betty Goodchild ran a Christian Spiritualist Church with Sunday services and a clairvoyance evening on Thursdays.


Mrs Josephine Grant and Mr Roy Crookson continued to run the Spiritualist Church until Mr Crookson passed away in 2006.


Bought by the current owner, Dennis Colley continues to run Newquay Spirit at the end of the Lane.